Posted by: MBG on August 4, 2018

The first step in promoting your website and creating buzz is notifying your internal staff. A well-informed staff is an integral part of a cohesive B2B brand strategy.Ideally, your staff and coworkers are already aware a new company website is coming, but don’t count on it. As a San Diego web design agency, we’ve noticed that it’s easy for departments to operate within silos regardless of the size of a company.

Prior to launch, notify everyone in the company (including receptionists, operations teams, sales, customer service, etc.) via email or at a company-wide meeting about the upcoming launch. Provide the launch date and educate them about what is new and exciting about the website. A pre-launch sneak peek is a great way to motivate employees and create a buzz around the website.

If it’s too late for that and your website is live, don’t panic. There is still time to send the announcement via email or to make an announcement at company-wide or individual department meetings. Have a plan, show them the new B2B website, and highlight the main features of the website. Allow time for everyone to ask questions about the website.